4 Best Free WordPress News Plugins


There is no doubt that if you want up to date and relevant visitors to your website that you can’t go wrong with the news. You can capture the trending visitors, post links to social media that will lead back to your news and use the current content to keep your site on top of the pulse of the world.

The news is also great for those that do not really know what they want to put on their new website. There are many people that start a blog and find themselves at a loss for content after a post or two. The website sits in that state until they finally give up and let it go. There is nothing sadder to see than a year old website with one or two posts that are over six months old.

The solution for many people is the news, current events, etc… Tackling putting the news on a website can be hard. It can be very difficult to copy and paste and there is the issue with copywriting that means either rewriting the article or being at the very best the second site to post the information. WordPress News Plugins can make all of this much, much easier. Here are a few of the very best to choose from.

1. SP News and Widget

SP News and Widget
This is not a widget or plugin that will go and get the news for you. It is a widget and plugin that will allow you to create a section for “news”. This can either be news about your website or company or it can be current events that you have gathered yourself from the internet. This is more of a plugin that allows for proper display and arrangement of your content. If you want to post the news, but you want to gather the information yourself, then this is the plugin for you.

Anyone that envisions starting their own news magazine or website and used WordPress will find this to be a great plugin that can help keep things in order. Make sure that you update your newer plugins frequently, as they always make great improvements.

2. WP FrontPage News

WP FrontPage News
This is another awesome plugin that will give you the ability to format your news in a way that will make it very easy to navigate from WordPress. One of the reasons that this plugin need a mention or even two is because, combined with the right themes, it can give WordPress a look that is not like WordPress at all. Why would you want that? It is simple. How many times have you found a website that just screams WordPress?

There is nothing wrong with WordPress, but many times you want to give a professional feel and look to your site that does not appear that you created it quickly with the use of a CMS. If you go to CNN’s website, you get the feel that they have developed the site themselves or with their IT team. This is a plugin that can be tweaked and used with a theme to look completely fresh and new. You will love it as much as we do.

3. ExpressCurate

This one is not designed specifically for the news, but it can and will work great to make that happen for you. There are a lot of options that control where your content comes from and where it is going to be displayed. This is a great plugin for those that are going to use the news to bring in traffic and then provide other content in addition to that news.

You can combine the power of traffic with your own specific content to start building a mailing list or whatever you want. It is easy to use and will require very little effort after the initial set up. You must try this one for at least a week or two and you will be amazed at the SEO power that comes from this plugin.

4. MyCurator

Another get content curation plugin that will make delivering the news a piece of cake. You can combine this with a social media plugin and make yourself the current event king or queen on other sites. It is one of the best and most proven ways to get traffic to your site. Many people wonder about the search engines and SEO when they think about news curation and the fact is that the search engines are most concerned with your audience and making them happy. If you have the traffic and the links, then the search engines will love you for it.

This is a plugin that will keep you and your site on the trending edge of the internet. There is also a host of information in the reports area of this plugin that makes it one of the best out there. You can see what is being read and by whom. That can give you the ability to alter your settings as time goes by and provide what people are looking for and not what you guess they are looking for.