4 Top Free Slider WordPress Plugins


The underlying dynamics of what makes a website incredible are constantly changing as new and improved visual displays are coming along. As no website is complete without pictures, sliders have been frequently used to display a series of images one after another. The challenge with sliders is that they can be confusing to work out and implement without understanding the underlying code. Thankfully, WordPress, provides a number of great plugins that directly aim to make slider WordPress plugins simple and straight forward. Some of these useful slider plugins include:

1. Meta Slider

Meta Slider
With more then 500,000 active users, Meta Slider is the gold standard of sliders for WordPress websites and blogs. The success of Meta Slider comes from doing a complex bit of coding in such a way as to allow for the maximum amount of customizability on the user end. What this means is that you have options, and you do not need to know how to code in order to make use of them.

Some of the features that come with Meta Slider include a simple and easy to use interface, the ability to create responsive SEO optimized slideshows, support for images slide information like title text, full width support, drag and drop slide recording, admin preview, intelligent image cropping, and much, much more. Meta Slider should be your first choice if you are unfamiliar with sliders and plugins for WordPress.

2. Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2
Cyclone Slider 2 is a straightforward plugin. While it lacks the sheer number of options seen in Meta Slider, it is also significantly easier to get up and working. If you want something that will look clean, professional, and you like how it looks out of the box, then Cyclone Slider 2 is for you.

3. Easing Slider

Easing Slider
Easing Slider is built to be lightweight and simple. A good middle ground between Cyclone Slider 2 and Meta Slider, Easing Slider specializes in providing a good experience with little customization, and then opening up the user experience and options if the user wants. This is done through extensive extension and plugin support designed to improve the customizability and how unique your WordPress slider looks. It may require more time looking for and finding plugins however.

4. Responsive Thumbnail Slider

Responsive Thumbnail Slider
The Responsive Thumbnail Slider seeks to solve a problem many users have been having. Mainly, there has been relatively little support for responsive thumbnails, and practically no support for thumbnail sliders. With that in mind, the Responsive Thumbnail Slider looks to solve both of these problems with a single straightforward plugin.