4 Top Free WordPress Counter Plugins


Data analytics is the core information tool for any individual looking to improve the performance and visibility of their website or blog. The primary means of generating data is through counter software, which carefully logs all attempts to access your particular blog. With this information, you can better understand who is visiting your website, and begin to make the steps necessary to capitalize fully on this participation.

Through WordPress, there are a series of native plugins that will pretty much work right out of the box. There are also external counters that can be applied directly to your website and WordPress if you are hosting it beyond the wordpress.com website. Some of the top WordPress counter plugins to choose from include:

1. POWr Hit Counter

POWr Hit Counter
A cloud-based plugin that is also free, POWr Hit Counter provides a series of benefits for your tracking. This includes easy tracking of who visits your website, a number of design templates that can be used to match the needs and look of your website, additional support for text, a responsive design, and much more. In addition, if you are willing to shell out for a monthly subscription fee, then you get many more options as well. Along with Traffic Stats Widget, POWr Hit Counter is provided through the WordPress plugin store.

2. Traffic Stats Widget

A straightforward and easy to use widget, the Traffic Stats Widget provides a practical means for tracking and displaying the traffic your WordPress site receives. Right to the point, Traffic Stats Widget is an easy option that does not offer much in the way of customizability. In return however you have a much easier display that requires no ability to code.

3. Traffic Counter Widget

Another simple widget hosted through the WordPress site for free, Traffic Counter Widget clearly and directly displays traffic based on lengths of time, including days, weeks, hours, months, and current people online at the moment. In addition, the text can be changed to a number of different fonts to match the needs of your particular WordPress website.

4. Free Counter Stat

While plugins through the WordPress website are easy enough to understand and use, what they lack is customizability. Extending beyond WordPress, consider a third party counter that can work with any website. Free Counter Stat is just that, designed specifically customizability and coding in mind. Along with updated maps, the Free Counter Stat can be customized depending on your general coding skills.