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If you are ready to start a website for your business or personal needs but are unsure of how to get started, then you will want to consider the advantages of using WordPress over a static HTML website.

The WordPress vs website question often arises when a developer mentions than an HTML site is a better choice since most people don’t think about their online presence in such technical terms. That’s okay. This content will cover what the differences between the two are so that you can make the best decision on how to create your next site.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that lets you control the structure of your site through a dashboard interface. The admin area gives you access to every page or post so that you can make changes whenever you want. Anyone with the ability to turn on a computer can use this tool to begin building websites in just minutes.

You must not confuse the .org and .com versions of WordPress because they are two different products. You will need to choose the .org download to use the content management system. The .com version of WordPress supports bloggers.

Once you select a host and install WordPress, then it is very easy to update. All you need to do is login to your website and add new pages or posts based on your preferences. You become the developer and creator without forking out additional funds whenever you want to make a change. The intuitive interface will have you updating content quickly to manage the message of your brand.

There are thousands of professional templates available through WordPress from which to choose as well. That makes it a powerful resource to capture the attention of potential visitors right away. You even have the option to install plugins to add additional levels of functionality to your site.

Although you are in full control of your content and maintain ownership over it, there is a learning curve that you must follow. You can make any changes that you want, but that also means an incorrect adjustment might crash the entire site. Even the installation of a plugin can be enough to cause this problem.

That means you will have more maintenance work to do with WordPress than a website with static HTML. It is your responsibility to maintain the updates to your platform, themes, and plugins. Managed WordPress hosting is an option that can simplify this choice to some extent, but you will also be paying more each month for this convenience.

What Is a Static HTML Website?

If you have a static HTML website, then you will use JavaScript, CSS, and other technologies to create your online presence. Most websites, including ones powered by WordPress, use HTML to display web pages with a variety of scripting and markup languages.

The primary difference is that unlike WordPress, there is not a database available to retrieve or store the content on your site. HTML uses content from static files.

You will discover that there is little maintenance required when you choose to walk this path. There are no updates to install or backups to initiate. If there is nothing that needs to change with your website after creating it, then you can take it live and let it do all of the work for you.

HTML sites don’t require servers with MySQL or PHP to function either. If you have a cheap server with few resources, then this option will give you manageable speeds without taking up much space.

That also means there are no additional features that you can add to your website once you take it live unless you have development skills available – or hire someone to do the work for you. Even if you want to add a poll or post a gallery, you must make changes to the HTML. That means the costs can get out of control quickly if you need frequent alterations.

Which Choice Is the Best?

When choosing between WordPress and a static HTML website, the purpose of your content must be at the heart of your decision.

If you know for certain that there are no changes happening to your site after publication, then the static site will be faster and serve your purposes effectively.

WordPress is the better choice if you want the freedom of control without paying developers constantly to update your site.

Compare these key points today to know what you should start creating to take your business or personal site online.

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