Top Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress


There is so much that Facebook has brought to the table on the internet and much of it can be integrated into WordPress. Many people have an idea about sharing options and comments, but there are many, many things that can be done that will make your site more popular and more fun. From the moment that Facebook stepped into the driver’s seat the social web has changed. There are other sites and you should work those sites too, like Twitter. However, to really get the most out of any website, any blog or any business that makes use of the internet, you cannot ignore Facebook. There are literally millions of people that can be reached with the right Facebook efforts.

1. Facebook

This is the official Facebook plugin and it has almost everything that Facebook can offer another site. There is so much you can do that it is hard to tell it all here. We highly recommend this plugin. Just one of the things it does is integrate your blog posts into your Facebook timeline. That is something that will get you more and more attention as time goes by. Do not write for Facebook, write for your blog and let Facebook take care of itself.

While we recommend the plugin and we recommend to not alter your writing style for your Facebook friends, what we do lie to do is play with the times when we post to the blog. That can mean that you will capture a new group of Facebook friends with each posting. There are some people that go on Facebook at night and others that check their pages first thing in the morning. Try to vary the times and you might find some new people.

2. Facebook Like Box

Facebook Like Box
Creating one Like Box with Facebook is fairly simple and putting it on a site is not too hard. Doing that well over an entire site is a real pain and can be hard to do the right way. The previous plugin gives you the ability to share with friends and lets them share also. Most of what Facebook has to offer is there. This plugin gets you visitors that are not already part of your social network. It also allows you to create and maintain a page on Facebook that is just for your blog.

This can all be a little daunting. It is worth the time and the reading that it takes to fully understand the impact that this can have for your site. Please do not dismiss this opportunity to share your site with many people that may never find your website. It is worth it in the end.