15 Awesome Blog Design Tips


Blog Design Tips

Blog design is the entire visual existence of your site. It is no longer enough to have unique content, original posts and clever or really impressive writing. Unless a blog has an impressive design, it will fail to make the cut to the top. Blogs are often developed by three kinds of people, or professionals. They are website designers, writers and marketers. We are not looking at specific blogs that cater to any one niche, such as that of a dentist or beautician or chef.

Now, website designers may know a few secrets to an optimal blog design but writers and marketers will not be so well versed with the technicalities. Regardless of what type of blog you have and what your professional qualification is, you need to work on an impressive blog design. To do that, you need to know the four key attributes as highlighted in this infographic.

1) Your Blog Should Have An Optimal Layout.
Now, an optimal layout is one where the homepage has a few snippets. This is to facilitate a sneak peek for an audience that has very short attention spans. The layout of the page should have the main content at the center, slightly towards the left and the sidebar should be on the right. The posts should be presented in a list form with headlines and short descriptions along with images. The layout should be responsive so people can browse using any device.

2) Integrate Social Elements.
All popular social networks and social media sites should be linked to the blog. Readers should be able to directly link a post to their social network profiles or social media handles. This feature should be there on all pages of the blog and don’t place them at the bottom end of the page. Place them right next to the content and make them stay there when a reader scrolls down.

3) Think About Font and Typeface.
The popular blogs in the world use fonts ranging from 12 to 14 for the content and from 17 to 25 for headlines and subheadings. There are many blogs that use fonts 18 to 26 for the main content. You can use any font style but the most popular ones are Verdana, Lucida Grande, Arial and Georgia.

4) Blog Design Should Have Contrast.
Your content should always be of dark colors and the negative space should always be as white as possible. This is the most soothing color contrast and your design should be as close to this as possible. You can use any color, as long as this pleasant contrast is achieved.