36 Catchy Anti Bullying Slogans


Bullying can negatively impact a person on so many levels. From emotional distress to physical abuse administered from the abuser, bullying is something that should continually be fought against. Keeping a watchful eye on the behaviors of those around us while on school campus is just one way you can help out a victim. Here is a listing to some great catchy anti bullying slogans that help to raise awareness.

All for one, One for all, nobody here makes others feel small
Be Cool In Our School! It’s Bully-Free And So Are We!
Bullies are not accepted here, bullies are the one who should fear
Bullies Are Not Cool, They Are Just Cruel.
Bullying affects lives, It hurts more than knives
Bullying Is Bad; It Makes Others Feel Sad
Bullying? Be Smart, Don’t Start
Control – Escape – Delete.
Delete Cyber Bullying. Don’t Write It and Don’t Forward It.
Do you realize how much YOU hurt?!?
Don’t be a fool, acting like a tool isn’t cool
Don’t bring others down making them frown, Lift your spirits high, instead of making them want to cry
Don’t Hate! Congratulate!
Don’t turn your back, tell them bullying is whack
Everyone is special in their unique way, treat others with respect at school and at play
Help, Don’t Hurt.
It takes a stronger person to do what’s right, don’t belittle.
Keep In Mind, To Be Kind; Cause Bullying’s Mean, And Not to Be Seen
Let Us All Cheer, Bullying Is Not Accepted Here
Make the Grade, Join the Anti-Bullying Crusade.
Real heroes don’t make others feel like zeroes
Real heroes stands up for all, short and tall, big and small
Stand your ground because what goes around, comes around
Step Up So Others Don’t Get Stepped On
Stop Bullying, Speak Up.
Stop the pain YOU cause!
Take a Stand. Lend a Hand.
Tell bullies to go away, that we won’t accept them in any way
Treat others like you want to be treated
We are all sisters and brothers so show respect to others
What would superman do?
When you are rude, you put others in a bad mood
Words you can’t rewind so remember to be kind
You don’t have to be a cop to tell bullies to stop
You like to make others feel pain? That is just plain insane
You’re not big or bold, you just act like that because inside you’re cold

Here is one video that captures the effects of bullying. Anyone can stop bullying. All you have to do is stand up against it.