27 Best Track and Field Team Slogans


Track and field is a great athletic contest based on the abilities and skills in running. From relay events to hurdles, there are a variety of track and field events you can participate in. Here are some great track and field team names that will establish your competitive and winning spirit.

A runner’s addiction is never sufficed.
All it takes is all you’ve got.
Be so good, they can’t ignore you.
Champions train, losers complain.
Comrades in sweat.
If we played tag, you’d be it forever.
If you can accept losing, you can’t win.
My energy comes straight from the heart.
Never settle for less than your best.
No one ever drowned in sweat.
Nothing but the truth.
Pain is temporary, pride is forever.
Pain will pass. Pride will last.
Run for Fun – Race for Place
Run the day. Don’t let it run you.
Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat.
Simply untouchable.
Speed demon.
Start strong, finish stronger.
Strength does not come from winning.
Success demands singleness of purpose.
Success isn’t given, its earned.
Sweat + Sacrifice = Success
The pride you gain is worth the pain.
Trample the weak, hurdle the dead.
We run ours off so we can kick yours.
You can’t flirt with the track, you must marry it.

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