24 Funny Campaign Slogans


When you are competing for an elected position, finding a way to connect with the vote is an important part to acquiring their vote. Here are some funny campaign slogans examples that will help to capture your personality and memorable humor.

Counselor pick classes, Parents pick rules, Thank goodness we pick who runs our school.

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser

DON’T PICK YOUR NOSE PICK _________ for class president

Find out whats poppin by chewsing (your name) for (position)

For fame she isn’t greedy. For help she is speedy. She’s the one who’ll get things done. Vote for (name)

I am good at looking busy.

I am nobody.. nobody is perfect.. therefore i am perfect.. vote for _____

I dont hear voices…. I AM the voice. Vote ( Your Name ) for ( Position )

I know you can make my wish come true if you let me treasure you (Bruno Mars song “Treasure”) vote for (your name) for treasurer

I mustache you to vote for me! (with picture of mustache)

I pay attention so you don’t have to!

I promise that I will do something.

If you vote for me I promise that I will do something.

Keep Calm and vote for (your name)

Markers: $5.99, Posters : $4.99, (_______) on Student Council : Priceless

Mirror mirror on the wall (name) is the best of all

Stache our vote for ( ________ ) -add a picture of mustache

Victoria’s real secret, she votes for (name)

Vote (name). She will stick with you.

Vote for (________) she/he’s the one cause if you do we’ll all have fun!!!

Vote for _____. She/He will run for you! (put a stick figure with the persons face on it running)

Vote for ________, I can talk the talk.

Vote for me to set you free

When the going gets tough, I won’t have internal affairs.

Campaigning should always be fair and balanced. Here is a look at one panel as they scrutinize press coverage.