The Best Free WordPress Button Plugins


Most of the social things are cared for by other plugins, but there are a few that get left out and at the same time there are those that only want to use a few buttons. There are also times when you want to add a certain button to a certain post. There are also simply those that simply have a preference and want to keep things simple.

1. MaxButtons

This is a great plugin that takes full advantage of the CS3 that is built into WordPress and CS3 in general. The great thing about using CS in its most current version is that you are generally matching the rest of the internet. If that does not make sense, think about this. The internet is written on the foundation of CS, PHP and HTML with some other languages added. CS3 is the current standard and that means that it is what the developers are using when they put together a website. These languages, especially CS givers the internet a common feel.

2. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Pinterest “Pin It” Button
The name is a perfect description. Pinterest is primarily for images, but there is also information carried in the captioning. Anyone that wants their visitors to be able to share your images and posts on Pinterest will find this plugin easy to use and perfect for their desires. They can use it on a page to page basis, post to post or however it is of the most use to them.

3. Button Maker Plugin

Button Maker Plugin
This is not part of the social plugin button realm. It is a standalone plugin that can help you design buttons that will do nearly anything you want. The clearest use of a button is as a link to other content, but with the use of the right library plugins, they can also be used to run short bits of code that will make other actions available to the user. The most used and easiest to use function of this plugin is simply to make a nice looking button that will lead to another part of your website, whether it be a post, a page or even a form.

No one will know that they have gone from one website to another and back again when you use this plugin. From Facebook, to your site and back again will feel smooth and natural. This is the way that the internet is falling together and this is way that many other sites blend into everything with a perfect, natural feel. These buttons do the impossible. They blend right into the site and at the same time pop. If you have ever seen a nice looking button that just does not seem to fit the site, then you will know the difference when you use this plugin.