Spectacular WordPress Avatar Plugins


There is a difference between an Avatar and a Gravatar. While both may appear about the same in the site, the Gravatar is an icon that comes from the specific service that connects them with other sites. An avatar is basically the same thing, it is the mechanism that creates and uses the images that make all the difference.

Avatar plugins will give you the ability to make your site easier to use and more personal and will help to build a relationship between your users and members. Imagine a social site like Facebook without any pictures. That is what you get when you start to have a lot of members on your site and no way for them to express themselves properly.

Add Local Avatar

Add Local Avatar
The name of this plugin is deceiving. It is actually based mostly on the use of Twitter avatars and is not “local”, as per a location. The images are stored locally and that is where the name comes from. Users can either upload an avatar that they have or they can get their avatar from Twitter. It makes it easy to mix together the site with their Twitter feed.

This is great for a person that is posting to their site daily or even weekly. It helps make that connection between their social network and their website. This is great for a new site that needs to get some traffic from another location other than waiting on organic traffic. You will love the way that this plugin works and feels. Sometimes things just come together at the right place and time and this is where that begins, bringing Twitter and your site together.


This is more of an admin based plugin for avatars. It allows the administrator to develop a personality around the most useful members of the site. This is good for a developing forum or for a magazine style site. This is a great plugin that can give your authors and administration staff, as well as contributors, a face. It is easy to use and you will have the up and running in less than five minutes.

There are more options to use for the avatar than for a Gravatar. There are many more options for the use of an image, rather than the Gravatar than the prepackaged images that are in the Gravatar program.