As you are planning your student body campaign, using the right vote for me slogan will help to bring attention to your potential. Help to get the word out by using a slogan that represents your unique skills and personality.

A vote works wonders. Vote for _________
Bank on me. I will treasure your vote
Business is my game so Vote for _______
Count on someone who can count!
Don’t be a loser, be a chooser
Don’t be shy, Vote _______ for try
Don’t be stressed, Vote for the best _______
Don’t fear _______ is here!!
Don’t waste your Vote. Vote for _______
Eat, sleep and Vote for ______
Everyone agrees, Vote for _______
For success Vote the best
Fresh blood with fresh ideas
Gotta Lotta Student Council. Get _________
Have no fear, let’s vote for _________this year!
Hey girls I want you to Vote for _______
I am good in counting so remember my name ________
I don’t hear the Voices. I am the Voice. Vote for ________
I don’t want all your Vote, Just yours. Vote for _______
Improve your school, pick _________ as treasurer
It’s the time for change
It’s your choice if you want to save your money
Keep Your Money in Safe Hands, Vote for _________
Let me serve you
Let your voice be heard. Vote for _______
Like a good neighbor ________ is there
Make it better! Vote for _________
Make your vote for treasurer count. Vote for _________
No doubt on _______ skills
Please go on & Vote for me
Problem is nothing for me, I have solution for every problem
Show me the money! _________ for treasurer
Vote ________ for Treasurer. It just makes cents
Vote for ________ is a Vote for GOOD
Vote for ________, he’s smart and tricky!
Vote for _________ because you’re worth it
Vote for HOPE, Vote for CHANGE
Vote for me, I’ll be your voice

Here is a great video on how to win your student council election and get voted in as a part of your student body.

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