27 Catchy Anti Tobacco Slogans


Raising awareness about the dangers of smoking is an important way of encouraging smokers to quit. Having an anti tobacco campaign that highlights the associated health risks of smoking is just one way you can create interest and change. Here are some great anti tobacco slogans you can use in conjunction with your campaign.

Be a Quiter and your a winner
Be brighter, put down the lighter
Be Smart don’t start
Cigarettes: You take my breath away.
Did you know your mouth is on fire?
Don’t be a Butthead
Don’t smoke, it’s not a joke
Everyone has a right to clean air.
If you can’t stop smoking, cancer will.
Live it or Burn it
Only a whako starts tobacco.
Put it out before it puts you out.
QUIT NOW… Your life depends on it.
Save your lungs, save your life
Smart folks don’t use smokes
Smoking is legal crime.
Smoking thrills but it also kills
Smoking will be a crime in time
Smoking? You must be joking
Sometimes quitters do win.
Think smoking is cool then you are a fool
Throw away the bill! smoking kills
Tobacco companies kill their best customers.
Too much smoke will leave you broke.
Trash the Ash.
Want to find out more about cancer?…. keep smoking
When You Give Up Smoking It’s a Different World

You may always hear about how bad smoking is for you, but here is a video that explains how exactly smoking goes about slowly killing you.