26 Best Canned Food Drive Slogans


Canned food drives rise in contributions and popularity whenever the holidays draw near. However, this does not alleviate the need that exists all year around. To raise awareness of the high demand in food needed by those hungry, here is a look at some great canned food drive slogans to incorporate with your cause.

A towering problem, hunger.
Bean counters against hunger.
Check out hunger.
Contract for a better tomorrow. End hunger today.
Design a hunger free community.
Dining out to end hunger.
Do more to give to the poor.
Fighting a high rise problem – hunger.
Get in the mood and donate food.
Go away… hunger.
Hang up on hunger.
Hunger go figure.
Lend the hungry a helping hand.
Lets clean up on hunger.
Lets get together to end hunger.
Making hunger disappear.
Much appreciation for your donation.
See justice done. Feed the hungry.
Sleep over to end hunger.
Take a bite out of hunger.
The biggest treat is having something to eat.
The blueprint for feeding the hungry.
The difference is real when giving someone a meal.
The hungry, you can insure their future.
Turn the tables on hunger.
Wipe out hunger.

Not all food drives are created equal. Here is a look at how food drives contribute to hundred in America.