22 Catchy Texting and Driving Slogans


The dangers of texting and driving can impact people of all ages. The dangers associated with instances of distracted driving can bring about as many risks as with those that drink and drive. Here is a look at some texting and driving slogans that will make a difference.

Arrive alive, don’t text and drive
Don’t Drive inTEXTicated
Don’t tempt fate that text can wait
Don’t text yourself to death
Friends don’t let friends text and drive
Help saves lives, don’t text and drive
Honk if you love Jesus. Text and Drive if you want to meet him.
If you want to survive, don’t text and drive
If you want to talk later. Stop texting while driving
Make your car a no phone zone
No Text is Worth a Death
Stay Alive, Don’t Text & Drive
Stay alive? or text and drive?
Stop the Texts and Stop the wrecks!
Textin and drivin equals cryin and dyin
Texting and driving – There are stupider things, but it’s a very short list.
Texting and Driving don’t mix
Texting and driving, Slim chance of surviving
Texting and Driving: A Grave Mistake
Texting isn’t so cool if the crash makes you drool
There’s No Surviving Distracted Driving
Think texting and driving is NBD? RIP

Here is a mini documentary on texting and driving, as AT&T tries to raise awareness to consumers about the safety of using a phone while operating a vehicle.