30 Catchy Fire Safety Slogans for Kids


Safety and fire awareness is an important part of any workplace. Creating safety campaigns that raise awareness on the best ways to handle dangers is a great way to decrease your risk. Here is a look at some great catchy fire safety slogans for kids that will help you keep danger low in the workplace.

A fire today – no job tomorrow.
A mind is a terrible thing to baste.
Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
Be alert avert fire.
Carelessness is the biggest cause of fire.
Don’t Burn, Baby, Burn!
Duty without fire safety… brings fatality.
Ensure fire safety, save life save property.
Fire defense is a self defense.
Fire is a good servant but a bad master.
Fire loss is a national loss.
Fire the Friend, Fire the Foe.
Fires that are small, soon will be tall!
Gather your clan, make a fire plan.
Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick!
Hey just in case, have a meeting place.
Kill Fire before it kills you.
Know fire safety, no pain, no fire safety, know pain.
Learn not to burn.
Less fire safety, more risk More fire safety, no risk.
Match have heads, but without brain, when use their heads use your brain.
Never hide, stay outside!
Never trust fire.
No safety knows fire, know safety no fire.
Only You can prevent forest fires!
Stop, drop, and roll.
Think of fire before it starts.
We serve to save.
When in doubt, there’s two ways out!

Here is a great fire safety education video with amazing tips that are shared by these children to teach how to be safe at home.