26 Best Swimming Team T-Shirt Slogans


Swim clubs are the foundation swimming and give many opportunities and training to future Olympians. From recognition programs to running a swim meet, here are some great swimming team t-shirt slogans that capture the love and spirit of this sport.

Champions train, endure pain, and never complain
Chlorine is my perfume.
Eat my bubbles.
Eat my wake.
H20: 2 parts heart, 1 part obsession.
I do more before 8am than you do in a day.
I live my life, 50 meters at a time.
I’m best in my element- H2O.
I’m not a player, I am the game.
If you are not dating a swimmer raise your standards.
If you have a lane, you have a chance.
In the pool, life is cool, swimmers rule.
Instant Swimmer: Just Add Water.
Make a splash.
Not all athletes wear shoes.
Start Hard, Turn Smart, Finish Fast.
Swimming is a sport, everything else is just a game.
TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More
The earth is 75% water but I only need one lane to kick your butt!
The heart of a champion beats under a swimsuit.
To swim or not to swim? There is no question.
Wanna turn heads? Make waves.
Want to come in second? Follow me!
When the ice caps melt, swimmers will rule the world.
Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing
You think your sport is hard? Try doing it while holding your breath!

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