25 Catchy Drinking and Driving Slogans


Drinking and driving is the cause of more than 30% of automobile accidents each year. More than 20% of child fatalities from car accidents are the result of a drunk driver. To combat the dangers associated to irresponsible drinking, here are some catchy drinking and driving slogans you can use to raise awareness.

A Tree Never Hits An Automobile Except In Self Defense.
Alcohol: Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences!
Allow Life To Thrive, Don’t Drink And Drive
Be A Thinker Not A Drinker
Champagne Only Brings Pain
Don’t Do Booze, You Have Lots To Loose
Don’t Drink And Drive, And You’ll Stay Alive.1
Drink And Drive In And Our Officers Will Show You Some New Bars
Drink The Rum, And Then You’ll Be Dumb
Drive Hammered. Get Slammered.
Driving Hammered Will Get You Nailed
Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.
Getting Drunk Makes Your Insides Junk
If Your Going To Get Hammered Your Going To Be Screwed.
Less Drinking , More Thinking
Over The Limit. Under Arrest.
Rethink Your Third Drink
Sobriety Is A Journey, Not A Destination
The Problem With Drinking And Driving Is … The Mourning After!
Think Before You Drink!
To Stay Out Of The Slammer, Don’t Get Hammered
When Life Gives You Lemons You Make Lemon Aid. When Life Gives You Alcohol You Just Stay Away.
When You Get Drunk You Get In A Funk And Smell A Skunk.
You Booze, You Cruise, You Lose.
You Can Hand Over Your Keys Or Your Life. Make The Right Choice.

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