20 Good Internet Safety Slogans for Kids


The internet has opened up a whole new world of risks and safety concerns. Teaching your children how to remain secure in a world full of connectivity and technology is a great way to remained informed. Here is a look at some good internet safety slogans for kids that are sure to keep them on track.

A hardware firewall is a mandatory appliance.
Avoid a fright, stay away from a bad site
Don’t Despair, prevent Spyware
Enabling Javascript is like asking the devil to leave you alone.
Hide your IP, hide your IP, hide your IP.
I always thought I didn’t have a lot of friends until I joined Facebook.
If the download is free, let it be.
If you don’t know the sender, it might be a pretender.
Install Anti-Virus program, Prevent anxiety of losing all your data.
Invisible keyloggers are a last resort to resistant teenagers.
Never talk to strangers or people with fake identities.
Prevent a jam, don’t open spam
Prevent despair, get antivirus software
Put bad sites out of sight
Spyware is a Nightmare, show you care, Be aware
Stop, think E-safety
To prevent a drastic call, Install a firewall
Viruses multiply exponentially with teenager use.
Whitelisting is the only safe route for parents.
Your identity is safe when it is a false identity.

Here are some great tips on being careful with sharing the internet and how to ensure you never give away any personal information.