24 Funny Fantasy Football Team Slogans


Fantasy football offers another way for football enthusiasts to dive into their passion of football and interact on a virtual level. Joining a fantasy league and having a team name that befits your personality is just one way to set yourself apart. Here are some great fantasy football team slogans to get you inspired.

Because we can!
Champions play as one.
Championships are made when the stands are empty.
Did you leave everything on the field today?
Do it Now! Do it Right!
Excellence in all we do.
Finish strong.
First downs to touchdowns – that’s how we roll!
If its gotta be, it starts with me.
If you can’t play nice, play football.
Play every play, like it is your last play you will ever play.
Play for the whole ten yards.
Play hard, smart and together
Prepare for combat.
Rise as one!
Sudden Impact.
Sweat more in preparation, bleed less in battle.
We can and we will.
We didn’t come here to play, we came here to win.
Whatever it takes.
Why not us?
Win the day!
You can walk away or work harder.
Your sweat is your fat crying. Keep it up.

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