37 Funny Fishing Slogans


Fishing is one of the most beloved casual activities that lets you relax with low impact and stress as you participate. Perfect to enjoy with a crowd or in solitude. Here is a look at some great fishing slogans that capture the nature and pleasure of the sport.

Born to fish, forced to work
Carry on Fishing
Catch & Eat
Catch me if you can
Come on dude, Lets go for Fishing
Cool people do Fishing
F for Fishing
Fish all day
Fisherman do hard
Fisherman’s Prayer
Fishers have long rods
Fishing is fun
Fishing is the reel deal
Fishing is the way to be
Get hooked!
Good things come to those who bait
Gotta hook ’em to cook ’em
Happiness is Fishing
I always carry a stiff rod
I love Fishing
In love with a Fisherman
It’s all about Fish & Fishermen
Just fish – Don’t lie
Live Long & Fish
Long rod can do it
Master baiter
Meals on reels
Men and fish are alike….
Real men do Fishing
Reel it simply
Rise & Shine, It’s Fishing time!
Something fishy going on
Stiff rod can do all
The tug is the drug
We’re gonna need a bigger boat!
Work to live, live to fish
You want the gills, we got the skills!

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