25 Good Peace Slogans


There are always large threats to global violence. Finding peace can be difficult in times of destruction and despair. Here are some great peace slogans that will keep you encouraged and hopeful.

Anything Violence can do, Peace can do better.
For a better long haul. let there be Peace for all.
For a more peaceful day, war is not the way.
Getting along makes everybody strong.
Hear my plea, for peace and harmony.
Hear the call for Peace for all.
It can’t be wrong to get along.
Its all just a peace of cake.
Let’s stand hand in hand, to have peace in the land.
North, South, East, West, Let Peace be our Quest.
Peace is angel war is ghost.
Peace is caring, War is despairing.
Peace is in piece, not pieces.
Peace is Possible.
Peace is the way for a better day.
Peace: Either learn to live with it or rest in it.
Peaceful Resolution is the best solution.
So they don’t die in vain, Let Peace remain.
To Peace don’t be blind, Be considerate, Be kind.
Violence breeds violence. let’s breed peace.
War is a disgrace, let’s keep peace in this place.
War is expensive, Peace is priceless.
War is Psychotic, Peace is Patriotic.
War let’s restrain so Peace we can obtain.
We have so much more to gain if Peace we can obtain.

Here is a Ted Talk on how to reach inner peace and explore the full capacity of the mind.