20 Catchy Fundraising Campaign Slogans


Whether you are working for a nonprofit organization or looking to help you your local little league, running a successful fundraiser is no easy feat. Here is a look at some great fundraiser campaign slogans that are perfect for incorporating with your local campaign.

Actions speak louder than words! Give today.
Be part of a change in the World.
Breathing life into the future.
Charity doesn’t hurt.
Children Need You.
Dirty water kills.
Don’t delay give today!
Don’t turn away, Give today!
Donation shows Appreciation.
Give so others can live.
Give your share to show you care!
Giving is the best therapy!
If you don’t help feed them, who will?
Lifting up with hands of help.
Share hope.
Sport can give new life to children.
What have you given today?
You can make a Difference, so why dont you?
Your change can change lives.
Your contribution can help achieve a solution.

Here are some great tips on on how to effectively raise money for your fundraiser and reach your campaign goals.