20 Catchy High School Campaign Slogans


It can be difficult to capture the hearts and attention of high schoolers. Having a campaign slogan that grabs attention and helps others familiarize themselves with your name and personality is just one way to go about getting voted into office. Here are some great catchy high school campaign slogans that you can add to posters or flyers to spread the word.

2,4,6,8 who do we designate?
Bank on me. Will treasure your vote.
Be a pal, vote for this gal .
Coming Soon to a class room near you.
Don’t be a loser, be a chooser
Don’t be a dum dum, be a smartie.
For Success Choose The Best.
I don’t just speak the change I make the change.
I pay attention so you don’t have to!
I’m kind and fair so vote for me and I will care!
I’m small like a mouse, but I’m a power house!
Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction.
Students Need Their Own Voice. So Make The Right Choice.
Take a stand! The results will be grand!
Vote for a noteworthy cause.
Vote for me to set you free
Vote for me, a busy bee!
When put to the test, I will be the best.
Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now.

Here are some great tips on winning your student council campaign.