35 Best Go Green Slogans


Whether you are looking to volunteer for a new project or participate on Earth Day, here are some great go green slogans that are perfect for creating a new campaign. These are perfect for raising awareness to the importance of living green.

Always keep earth green not grey.
Be seen to be green.
Being Green is Sexy.
Clean and Green Means No One is Lean
Clean and green!
Don’t panic – go organic.
Get into the Green Scene.
Give green a chance.
Go green for life!
Go green or I’ll scream.
Go Green, help clean.
Got Green?
Green the Earth and Stay Blessed
Green… just do it.
It always pays to be green
It pays to be green.
It’s easy being green- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Jump into the Green Scene.
Keep earth green not grey.
Keep it GREEN, Keep it CLEAN!
Keep It Green.
Keep Our Forests Green.
Keep your Earth Clean and Green.
Let your true green shine through.
Lets go green to get our globe clean.
Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.
My green, your green, our green.
Peacefully green.
Real men go green.
Set the scene with green.
The world is in our hands.
Think Green & Live green.
Think green.
We’re the green team, not the mean team.
You must make your life full of green.

Here is a look at some of the best top five ways to live green and keep a green diet.