Best Free WordPress Ajax Plugins


AJAX is a programming language that combines the usefulness of JavaScript with the versatility of XML. There are reasons that a web programmer would choose this language and those would take hours to go through. The main point of AJAX is that it is fast and light and extends JavaScript to a level that it could not go without the use of XML.

You do not have to know AJAX to use it on a website like WordPress because there are plugins that are there to do it for you. We encourage you to give some a try, just to see if it works well for you. Most of these functions can be done without the AJAX language, but check them out and see if you can tell the difference. You can think of XML as a way of indexing common information. It is very useful and becoming more popular day after day.

Any set of data that uses and reuses the same indexed data can be stored in XML and used by another language. For example, an XML file can store the name, address and phone number of any number of people. Each entry will have those three common pieces of information. This is nice for various purposes, but is not there for secure data. The XML is too easy to access and that would leave the information pretty much up for grabs.

Login with AJAX

Login with AJAX
This is the same set of features that WordPress has built in, but it uses AJAX. The data is not stored in the XML file, so do not worry. You will see one of the reasons that people choose this language if you use this plugin. Normally a person logging in will see the screen refresh to the next page after the login details have been filled in. This does not happen with AJAX and you will see a little difference there in both the feeling of the login and the speed. Give it a try.

There is a lot more control in this plugin with how the login process both works and how it displays the information once the user has logged in. Many people will use this plugin for the users that are not admin and the standard logins for the backend. That can take a little bit of tinkering, but it is not that bad.


Not for the tame of heart. PHP is another programming language that you just may have been using and not known it. Actually, it is the heart and soul of WordPress. Previous incarnations of HTML were pretty useless when it came to intricate functions. PHP spawned from the need for an easier to use language for websites. HTML5 has picked up many of the functions that PHP can do, but it is nowhere near taking over. WordPress is written in PHP. There are simply some things that PHP does that HTML5 cannot.

Ajaxize allow the user to take those PHP functions and create AJAX functions that take over. If you are not a programmer, not a developer and not writing code for the site, this is probably not for you. However, if you want to play around a little and make some changes to your site, then make a backup, install this plugin and have a little fun.