37 Clever Fitness Challenge Team Names


When you are working together for a team goal, your name defines your objective and spirit for all team members involved. These clever fitness challenge team names are motivating and offer the encouragement you need to be successful together.

Asset Audit
Bod Squad
Body Toners
Booty Busters
Broad Chesters United
Cellulite Assassins
Coast Busters
Cut the Caboose
Excess Baggage
Fat Fury
Fat to Fittest
Fitness Chasers
Flab Busters
Got Fat
Health Warriors
Hot Bods
Lean & Mean
Lean Queens
Masters of the Gym
No Weigh
Record Beaters
Relay Racers
Skinny Minnies
Skinny Up
Snacks Over Meals
The Meltaways
The Slimsons
Thin to Win
Tour de Fat
Waist Away
Waist Shapers
Walking Fat Burners
Weight Strippers
Your Loss

Here is a great and effective way to create a simple and easy challenge group guide for your fitness challenge.