25 Funny Color Run Team Names


The Color Run is a five kilometer paint race that happens from Australia and Europe all the way to North and South America. There are no runners or prizes for participating. All runners are showered in color powder at a variety of stations along the run. For participating with your friends or family, here is a look at some great Color Run Team names that are perfect to get you inspired.

A Hue of Good Men
A Running Canvas
Blank Canvas
Color Envy
Cray Cray Crayola
Do or Dye
Dye Dye Birdie
Dye Me a River
Free Runners
Get Fit or Dye Tryin’
Glow Girls
Overly Saturated
Palette Pushers
Pigmentation Party
Powder to the People
Rainbow Connection
Rainbow Dashers
Rainbow Rockets
Sour Patch Kids
Taste the Rainbow
Team Skittles
The Picasso
Twisted Colors

Here is a look at the Color Run Dream Tour from 2017. Celebrate this new year as we go on to dream together.