25 Funny Roller Derby Team Names


Roller Derby is a contact sport of two to five players. First played in 1935, there is a higher governing body over this sport with its headquarters in Illinois. Here is a look at some of the best roller derby team names to help inspire the establishment of your own team.

Baby Makers
Black Eyed Beauties
Black Heart Maidens
Bleeding Heartland
Bomb Quads
Bomb Shells
Break Neck Betties
Eves of Destruction
Knee Scrapers
Left Hook Hunnies
Pearl Jammers
Riptide Rollers
Rolling Pinups
Salty Dolls
Skee Town Skirts
Taco Kickers
The Blood Stains
The Blue Ballers
The Lady Punchers
The Wrist Guarders
Thigh Crushers
Toxic Cherries
Trust Fund Terror
Women of Mass Destruction

Here is a look at some great advice for new roller derby players.