25 Funny Fantasy Golf Team Names


The history of gold dates back to 1497. Slowly evolving into what it is today, there were many versions of hitting a pebble around a natural course to inadvertently get it in the hole. The Old Course at St Andrews dates back to 1574 and is considered to be the site of pilgrimage for golf enthusiasts. Here is a look at some of the funniest existing fantasy golf team names for people to be inspired by.

Aces Ventura
Angry Birdies
Battle of the Fairway
Cinderella Story
Dimpled Balls
Dirty Birdies
Duck Hookers
Dude, Where’s My Par?
Eagle Hunters
Fairway to Heaven
Grip It and Sip It
Happy Hookers
Hart Attack
Hole in Fun
Long Balls
Long Putters
No. 1 Balls in Golf
Puff Caddie
Putt Pirates
Tee Party
The Fore Horsemen
The Iron Thrones
The Strokers
Weapons of Grass Destruction

There is quite a rich and long history behind the game of golf. Here is one look at the Heritage of Golf Museum in Scotland as shared by the extraordinary golf historian Archie Baird.