30 Funny Weight Loss Team Names


Having a team of people to encourage you to help reach your weight loss goals is made better when you are achieving it with others. Start a friendly competition by assigning weight loss teams and weekly challenges to meet. Here is a look at some of the best and motivating weight loss team names to get you inspired.

Born to Lose
Couch Potatoe
Cupcakes Anonymous
Cut the Caboose
Diminishing Returns
Drop it Like It’s Hot
Dwindling Expectations
Got Fat
Gym Class Heroes
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Journey to Lose
Less 4 Food
Less Than Yesterday
Less to Love
Lost Cause
Masters of the Gym
Muffin Top Stoppers
Operation Weigh-less
Out Of Shape
Scale Tippers
Skinny Up
The Last Resort
The Meltaways
The Waist Watchers
Thin to Win
Tons of Fun
Waist Management
We Pity The Scale
Weapons of Less Consumption

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