40 Funny Mud Run Team Names


Mud runs are a series of intense obstacle that takes you through the mud to complete. Ranging anywhere from 10 to 12 miles, these challenges focus on team work and intense training to complete. Here is a look at some of the best and dirtiest mud run team names to get you motivated.

Better Wetter
Brothers from Another Mudder
Dingy Dames
Dirt Digglers
Dirty Divas
Dirty Martinis
Dirty Patriots
Filthy Milfs
Girls Gone Muddy
Got The Runs
Hello, Mudders
Law & Odor
Lucky Mud Charms
Mud Crushers
Mud Flaps
Mud Men
Mud Sharks
Mud Slingers
Mud Slinging Mamas
Mud, Sweat & Beers
Mudder Fockers
Muddy Buddies
Muddy Waters
Mudpie Mamas
Perpetual Motion Squad (PMS)
Pretty Lil’ Mudders
Saucy Delights
Staggered Swagger
The 1 Percent
The Dirt Skirts
The Filthy Femmes
The Mudbugs
The Muddy Ducklings
The Sordid Ladies
Tough Lovin’
Tough Pubbers
Twisted Blisters

Here are some great nutrition tips to follow when it comes to training for your mud run.