28 Funny Kickball Team Names


Kickball was invented in 1917 and was originally referred to as Kick Baseball. Made a part of physical education in public schools, this game is normally played by anywhere between ten to thirty people. Here is a look at some of the best kickball team names for your local teams to become inspired by.

Bad Decision Bears
Ball Breakers
Ball Me, Maybe
Balls n’ Dolls
Balls To The Wall
Brew’s Your Daddy
Club Foot
Dream Crushers
E=MC Hammered
Faces Loaded
Kick Flippers
Looking to Score
Mighty Midget Kickers
Natural Born Kickers
One Kick Wonders
Pitch Slap
Prestige Worldwide
Recess Rejects
Rubber Busters
Saved by the Ball
The Pulverizers
Trippin Balls
Tummy Stix
We Do Kickn’ Right
We Got the Runs

Here is a great look at how to play kickball as illustrated by a group of kids.