30 Catchy Abstinence Slogans


An abstinent only education is focused on encouraging teens to wait for sex until marriage. Focused on preventing the spread of STD’s, encouraging abstinence can positively contribute to this cause. Here is a look at some catchy abstinence slogans that will help you.

Abstinence is my choice…
Abstinence is the best way.
Abstinence… 99.99% effective.
Babies don’t come with a return policy.
Be abstinent because herpes isn’t a turn on
Be sexy. It doesn’t mean you have to have sex.
Be smart and sex free, then you won’t end up with HIV.
Children shouldn’t raise children.
Choose your future, choose abstinence.
Condoms don’t protect the heart.
Don’t confuse sex with love.
Don’t feel the urge to merge…unless you’re saying I do.
Don’t go knocking around, or a baby might open the door.
Don’t hop into bed, until you are wed.
Flies spread disease so keep yours zipped.
Have sense or face the consequences.
I procrastinate when it comes to sex.
I’m sexy enough to keep you waiting.
If you are hit by cupid, don’t do something stupid.
It’s my choice to abstain. It’s a healthy choice.
Keep calm and practice abstinence
Listen to mommy about the birds and the bees, that way you won’t get STDs.
One night of pleasure doesn’t amount to a lifetime of pain. -STDs.
Safe sex? Why not just save sex until sex is safer?
Save 2 lives through abstinence
Sex can wait, set a date!
True love waits.
Virgin. Teach your kid it’s not a dirty word.
Wait for the bling.
Wait until marriage, for a baby carriage

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