24 Catchy Union Slogans


Labor and Trade Unions have been an integral part of American history and organized workers. With unions, the numbers of the people brought together in the community of an industry help to give weight to the issues that matter most to them. To build involvement and awareness to the role and unions, check out these catchy union slogans.

Build baby build.
Buy American, Buy the best.
Direct action beats inaction.
Don’t mourn, organize.
End wage slavery.
Freedom, Democracy, Unions.
I don’t cross picket lines.
Its your union too.
Labor creates wealth.
Look for the union label.
Not made in China.
Organize the unemployed.
Poverty pay, not the American way.
Profits are a hidden tax.
Pro-union, Pro-America, Pro-gressive.
Stand up to the bosses.
Support pension fairness.
Support working class Americans.
Support your local trade union.
There is power in the union.
They say give back. We say fight back.
Union and loving it.
Union labor, union made.
US Labor Movement – An Army of One.

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