27 Catchy School Board Campaign Slogans


School boards are an integral part of your public school community. A very competitive position to run for, having the right campaign slogan can make a big difference in communicating your position. Here is a look at some catchy school board campaign slogans that will encourage you.

A Better School For A Better Tomorrow.
A Better Way Found.
A Passion For Education.
A Voice For Progress.
Academic Excellence.
Building Hope and Building Futures.
Caring for the Community.
Change Is Here.
Dedication Is What We Need.
Education Is Key.
Let’s Get Things Done!
Making Our Schools Great.
New Vision. New Direction.
Putting Students First.
Refuse To Be Ordinary.
Restore our School District
Someone You Can Believe In.
Stop Violence in Our Schools
Strong on Education
The Choice For Change.
There’s No Competition. Vote For Me.
Tomorrow Is Looking Great.
Vote For The Best, Forget The Rest.
We Can Be The Best.
Working for a Better Classroom
Working Hard For Our Children.
Your Voice. Your Vote.

Here is a look at what it takes to successfully run for a school board.