25 Best Science Lab Safety Slogans


Putting yourself in a situation to be in a room filled with lots of chemicals can lead to mistakes happening. Taking the right precaution and wearing protective gear is just one way you can remain safe. Here are some great science lab safety slogans that are perfect to display on the wall.

Be aware, take care.
Be hand in glove with safety.
Don’t work alone, watch for others.
Don’t get paper cuts. They hurt.
Electricity can kill you in spectacular ways.
Handle all chemicals safely.
Hold my beer and watch this.
Lab safety, it’s not accident.
Never expose your live electrical parts.
Never forget about safety.
One rung to high and you could die.
Personal protective equipment is self defense.
Protect your hands, use your head.
Protect your thoughts and wear a hard hat.
Safety is for life.
Safety the measure of success.
Speak up for safety.
Stay safe or die trying.
Stop unsafe acts now.
Stop! Think! Then Act!
Think safety and act safety.
Using safety gloves is all in your hands.
Wear safety shoes and keep a good footing on life.
Wipe up and avoid a slip up.
Working without safety is a dead end job.

Here is a great video on how to maintain science lab safety and make sure your students remain safe.