22 Catchy Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans


Breast Cancer has plagued so many woman in their lifetime. To continue to fight the battle and educate women through awareness, here is a look at some amazing breast cancer awareness slogans you can use for your campaign.

A Friend Is The Medicine For All The Diseases.
Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.
Cancer Ills Often Form Strong Wills.
Cancer Is A Word, Not A Sentence.
Cancer Survived Is A Life Revived.
Cancer: Just Beat It.
Education Limits Cancer, Optimism Is Built With Education.
Feed Your Faith And Your Fears Will Starve To Death.
Fight Cancer With Hope.
Fight For What Is Right.
Fight The Fight, Find The Cure.
Fighting Cancer Is Our Goal. We Can Do It It’s In Our Soul.
Get Your Pink On.
Give Cancer the Boot.
I Walk All Night, So My Daughter May Walk In A World Without Cancer.
I’m Here For the Boobies.
Join The Fight, One Step At A Time.
Put Your Breast Foot Forward.
Save Second Base.
Save the Hooters.
Tell Breast Cancer To Step Aside.
You Have Cancer, Cancer Does Not Have You.

Here are some important and shocking facts about breast cancer awareness that will share the importance of early detection and finding a cure.