30 Catchy Homecoming Slogans


Homecoming is a special and significant event in many young boys and girls lives. Check out these great catchy homecoming slogans that will encourage your ballot to be cast for the Homecoming King and Queen.

A Homecoming King to be proud of.
A Princess You Can Be Proud Of (name).
Cast your ballot, have you heard? (name) for homecoming king, spread the word.
Clap your hands, shout it out loud, (name) is the one who’ll make you proud.
Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Vote for (name) who is so sweet.
Don’t be a sucker, vote for (your name).
Don’t be mean, make me King.
Give me the crown and together we’ll rule this town.
Give me the crown I won’t let your down.
I don’t always vote, but when I do it’s for (name).
I have heart. I have vision. Voting for me is a great decision.
I look like a King, huh?
I mustache you to vote for (your name).
I WANT YOU….to vote for (name).
I’m not smart or attractive, so just give me this one.
Keep Calm and Vote (Your Name) for Homecoming King.
Let me be the leader of this pack.
Make somebody happy. Vote for (your name).
Oh I just can’t wait to be king.
Refuse to be ordinary.
Rumor has it that (your name) is running for Homecoming King.
Stop horsing around and vote for (your name) for King.
There’s no place like home.
Victoria’s real secret is that she voted for me for king.
Victoria’s Real Secret, She votes for (name).
Vote for (your name) because you’re worth it.
Vote for me for king and you will all be royalty.
We like (name) yes we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you!
Why is grumpy cat so grumpy? He didn’t vote for (your name).
Your vote would be a real treat.

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