20 Catchy Sophomore Class Slogans


The Sophomore year is the second class you are in during your four year education in either high school or college. Surviving the first year is always the most difficult. The last year is the easiest. Being a Sophomore means you have already gone through the first year of building a network and creating your class support system. Take a step back and enjoy the experiences of your second year with some of these great catchy sophomore class slogans.

Freshman are annoying.
Hear us shout, Hear us roar, We’re the class you can’t ignore.
I’m great to the core, I’m a sophomore.
Keep calm and survive sophomore year.
Keep calm, stay sophomoric.
Live more, Laugh more, Sophmore.
No need to fear, it’s out second year.
No need to shed any tears, we have two more years.
Our Class: One for all, one for all.
The boys are hot, the girls are fine, there’s no class like this class of mine.
Till the year is gone, let’s party on.
Uniform we wear, Together we are there, Unity we preach, Stars we shall reach..
We’re makin the grade, we’re livin the dream.
We’re so good, We’re so fly, It’s hard being us, but you can try.
We’re the class that’s got everything, except brains.
We’re the class you love to hate because we are great.
We’re the ones you love to adore, the ones the only, sophomores.
Yell loud, be proud, be a Sophomore.
You expect more when you’re a sophomore.
The Few… the Proud… the Sophomores.

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