22 Good Stop Animal Abuse Slogans


Animal cruelty is something that hurts the animal. Secondly, it is against the law to be cruel and harm animals. To raise awareness for preventing future abuse, here are some great stop animal abuse slogans that are perfect for a small campaign.

Adopt, Rescue, Love forever.
Animal Activists Unite as One
Are clothes to kill for?
Be an everyday hero, stop animal abuse.
Being cruel isn’t cool.
Don’t act blindly, treat us kindly.
Don’t Choose to Abuse
Eat beans not beings.
End Violence Against Animals.
Feed it, don’t eat it.
Fur is not fair.
Give a hoot, give fur the boot.
Give us truth and stop the abuse!
I rather go naked than wear fur.
Know Compassion, Know Peace.
Love me, don’t eat me.
Pets for Peace, not Beats.
Real people wear fake fur.
Rescued is my favorite breed.
Save a Life, eat Tofu.
There is no excuse for animal abuse.
Vegetarian because meat is murder.

Here is a great video aimed at preventing animal abuse through its social commentary and raising awareness.