36 Catchy Treasurer of Student Council Campaign Slogans


Serving on the student council is a big more for any young grade school kid. Wanting to make an impact that changes things for your class is just one way to give back. Here is a look some catchy treasurer student council campaign slogans that are perfect to add to flyers and pass along.

(name) is my name and business is my game

(name)for treasurer – you can trust me with the money honey!

A vote for (name)is money in the bank.

Addition and subtraction, He’ll do the transaction.

Bank on (name)!

Bank on me, and I’ll treasure your vote.

Bank on the be$t. Vote (name) for treasurer

Because life is too short to have a bad treasurer. Vote for (name).

Chocolate bar- $2, class tshirts – $10. (name) for treasurer: Priceless

Count on (name) to count for you!

Count on someone who can count, (name) for treasurer

Have no fear, vote for (name) this year!

He’s got the skills to pay the bills!

I got 99 problems but counting ain’t one.

I will give you change that makes cents

I will mind your business! (name) for Treasurer!

If it doesn’t make dollars it doesn’t make cents. Vote (name) treasurer.

Just like Geico- Save 100s of dollars by voting (name)Treasurer

like a good treasurer (name) is there!

My name is (name) and I’m here to serve you. Vote for me and I won’t desert you.

No one can or will serve you better as Treasurer. And you can take that to the bank!

Put me to the test and I will give you my best!

Put your money where my math is and vote (name) for treasurer!

Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction

Spend you vote on (name)!

Spend your vote wisely, vote (name) for Treasurer

Stay Calm and Vote (name)for Treasurer

The CENT-sible Choice!

Two, four, six, eight! Vote for (name), don’t be late.

Vote (name) For a glorious present and a prospective future.

Vote (name) for treasurer. it just makes cents!

Vote for (name) for Treasurer, it’s free!

Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed

Wanted: (name) for student council treasurer!

We like (name)yes we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you!

You can count on me to count your money.

Here is one example of a great 4th grade speech for a position as Treasurer in the student body.