22 Funny Golf Team Names


Golf originated in Scotland and has since been transformed into what it is today. During the 17th century in Great Britain, golf became a favorite pastime moving onward throughout the world. It was not until 1869 that the first British Open was played that still takes place today. To become a part of this rich historic sport, here is a look at some great golf team names that are perfect for casual competing and group events.

Angry Birdies
Cinderella Boys
Dimpled Balls
Fairway to Heaven
Gang Green
Golf WarriorsTee Drivers
Long Putters
Mini Tigers
Party of Fore
Pin Seekers
Putt Pirates
Sandy Savers
Shooter McGavin
Sultans of Swing
The Fair Miners
The Fore Horsemen
The Swinging Johnsons
The Wedgies
The Wrecking Balls
Tiger’s Wood

Here is a look at the history of Golf. From its early beginnings in the late 15th century, players would hit pebbles around a natural course of sand dunes using sticks.