20 Best Scrum Team Names


A scrum team is a cross functional team made up of a variety of positions from development to designers and operational engineers. Dividing groups into agile teams of just five to ten individuals, the coach and ambassadors work together to meet one primary goal. Here is a look at some of the best scrum team names that you can use to identify your team.

Basket Tossers
Bright Sparks
Cheesy Ballers
Dreadful Dragons
Fighting Chickens
Ginger Biscuits
Let Them Loose
Massive Titans
Master Minds
Pain Killers
Real Men of Genius
Roaring In The Deep
Smarty Pints
Soaking Screwers
Strikingly Amazing
Swinging Supermen
The Bruisers
Wishing Juniors
Yummy Treats

Here are some great tips on how to improve your scrum team and get the most performance capability.