20 Funny 30th Birthday Slogans


For many, making it to the age of 30 represents entering into a new era of adulthood. With many fun days left behind in your 20’s, the big 3-0 represents responsibility, commitments, and finally settling down. To celebrate this new age, here is a look at some great 30th birthday slogans to keep you encouraged about the times to come.

30 and fabulous.
30 is 3 perfect 10’s.
30 is the new sexy.
30 Never looked so good.
30 years of magnificence.
30 years strong.
30?! Not me. No way. Prove it.
Born in the USA a long time ago.
Don’t say 30, say triple-X.
Est. (year born)
Feeling the love for 30 years.
I might be 30… but I could kick your butt.
I’m 30 and I feel great – feel for yourself.
I’m 30, what’s your excuse.
I’m not 30! I’m 18… with 12 years experience.
I’m not 30… I’m only 29.99 plus tax.
It took 30 years to look this good.
The older I get, the better I was.
Thirty, aged to perfection.
You’ve made it through a third of your life.

Here is an up close and personal look at what it is like to turn 30. This is a large milestone for many woman as they enter into the third decade of life.