26 Catchy Cyber Bullying Slogans


Bullying has always been in our school systems with parents and staff fighting this behavior for years. With technological developments and social media sites, a new form of bullying has arised referred to as cyber bullying. Consisting of intimidating and threatening messages, cyber bullying has contributed to a higher teen suicide rate and is something that needs to stop. Here are some catchy cyber bullying slogans that are perfect to be use with your school cyber bullying campaign.

Be Happy! Bullies Hate It
Buddies, Not Bullies
Bullies Lose In The End
Bullies Non-Grata
Bullies Suck
Bully-Free Zone
Bullying Hurts
Bullying Is For Losers
Bullying Isn’t Cool
Bullying Leaves Bruises–Inside
Control , Escape , Delete.
Courage Is Fire And Bullying Is Smoke.
Cyber Bullying is Bullying.
Don’t Be Mean Behind The Scene
EOB–End Of Bullying
Friend Me, Don’t Bully Me
Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully
Geeks Against Bullying
I Survived Bullying!
Ignore Bullies and They Will Go Away
Kids Aren’t Born Bullies
Live and Let Live
No Bullying!
Post, Don’t Roast
Stop The Cycle of Bullying
Tweet This: Stop The Bullying

Here is one look at the potency of cyber bullying. Stand up for what is right and do not become a part of the problem.