7 Public Domain Sites for Finding Free Images


Public Domain Images for Free

There are various images available for free on public domain site. These offer many solutions to those looking to utilize images on their sites or blog posts. Here are some useful sites as highlighted in this infographic.

1) PicJumbo for Clarity
PicJumbo provides a wide selection of public domain photos with an emphasis on clarity. Photographs are often described as vast and compelling. As a result, photos from PicJumbo are perfect for large-scale shots, like those for architecture. In addition, PicJumbo works for more modern imagining techniques in the field of fashion and technology.

2) Life of Pix for Balance
Life of Pix is an available database of some of the best balanced photographs currently on public domain. With an emphasis on eye catching photos as well as frequently utilizing textures, Life of Pix is perfect for city scenes as well as well as a source of textures. As a result, Life of Pix is fantastic for those doing online modeling and who are looking for additional skins for objects.

3) Snapographic for Spacious
Snapographic emphasizes space in its collection of public domain photography. Striking and consistent in quality, Snapographic is perfect for those looking for photographs with an architectural or texture emphasis. None the less, Snapographic also maintains a large selection of nature shots as well, attempting to utilize space and texture to maximize the visual appeal of the image.

4) Gratisography for Enchanting
Compared to other public domain image sharing sites, Gratisography leans more towards the playful side with its selection of images. Bold and enchanting, the images found on Gratisography are perfect for making a statement on your website or blog. As a result, their photographs are frequently used for headers on websites and blogs. In addition, they often find themselves in social media and blog posts. With Gratisopgrahy, you can bring a true visual statement to your post.

5) SplitShire for Vibrant
Splitshire is an excellent choice when you are looking for free, public domain images that are vibrant. With an emphasis on natural and lucid, these photographs are perfect for desktop and laptop backgrounds. In addition, it is often used in technology.

6) New Old Stock for Nostalgia
New Old Stock is a collection of dated photography. Sporting a large selection of black and white images, New Old Stock provides a timeless, memorable, and inspiring feel. As a result, it is frequently used in people’s blogs, during presentations, and on social media platforms. Simply put, New Old Stock is perfect when you want to stir up dregs of Nostalgia, drawing a juxtaposition between the past and the present to make a point.