How to Get More Subscribers


Increase Blog Subscribers

Any company would need a list of email subscribers. Whether the company intends to send out newsletters or wishes to build a database for a number of myriad correspondences, the emailing list is important. Depending on your needs, you may also need online subscribers, followers on social media and fans on social networks. Regardless of what you need specifically, you would have to strategize your online presence to facilitate the same.

It has been said often that getting to that first thousand subscribers is often the hardest. The first few dozen isn’t a challenge and building on a database of thousand or five thousand subscribers isn’t a challenge either. You need a way to overcome the first 1000 subscribers challenge. Here are three simple ways to get there in no time as highlighted in this infographic.

1) Endorse the Opt-In Strategy.
Put up a welcome page when visitors land on your website and put a pop up presenting an opt-in. Place an opt-in on the home page, somewhere on the side, place one or two opt-ins on the about page or products and services page and sprinkle noninvasive or non pop-up opt-in here and there through the website. But remember not to flood your website with such features. Do not ask a visitor to opt-in again and again if he or she has already provided the details. Use the cookies, use accounts or any other strategy you think is best for you but it is outright unprofessional to ask for the same information again. Don’t ask a customer who has already provided the detail on the about page when he or she is on the sign up page or payment page.

2) Increase the Inflow of Subscribers.
There is no way any company is getting any traction without some bonuses, incentives or discounts. Contests and freebies are great ways to go about it as well. Unless there is a concept that would take the world by storm or a business that has done something entirely new and relevant for a large audience, building a thousand subscribers’ database without giving something away is very difficult, certainly not possible in a few days.

3) Tease the Target Audience with Snippets.
Tease the target audience with snippets of blogs, articles, videos or images or even glimpses of the website highlighting the products and services. Teasers go a long way in generating interest and that can provide a much needed fillip to get to the first 1000 subscribers.