36 Best Leadership Slogans


Leadership is an important professional skill to embrace. Different than management in many ways, leadership is something that is required to bring people together for a common goal. From encouragement to mentoring, many leaders pride themselves on helping others. Here is a look at some great leadership slogans that will help to embrace and foster an open environment.

A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.
A leader is the one who never gives up.
A planner speaks with active verbs.
A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.
Always drink upstream from the herd.
Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm.
Be a leader you would want to follow.
Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.
Decide what to be and go be it.
Do a good deed, stand up and lead.
Do whatever you can do to make things simple.
Do you know how many defeats it takes to make a victory?
Doing is in the here and now. Talk is in the there and then.
Enthusiasm is no substitute for planning.
Every problem is an opportunity being mishandled.
First rule of leadership: everything is your fault.
If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.
If you always succeed, you are overqualified for your job.
If you can read you can lead.
If you want to be smart, find friends who are smarter than you are.
It’s hard to lead the cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse.
Lead the way to a brighter day.
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
Leadership is action, not position.
Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.
Never tell everything you understand.
Nobody gives you power. You take power. Or not. Your choice.
Obstacles are just nature’s way of showing us what we can do.
Self-confidence grows not from what you can do, but what you know you can do.
Someone who can lead, that is what we need
The early bird gets the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese.
The key that works will always be the last one you try.
The man who smiles when things go wrong was thought of someone to blame it on.
The only public part of the success story is the last act.
The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
We don’t just learn the rules, we make the rules.

Here is the first part of a seminar presented by John C. Maxwell where he discusses the five levels of leadership.