3 Ways to Create Loyal Followers of a Blog


Blog Loyalty

More than a billion people in the world log onto Google every time they need to search for something. Amongst the search results, more people are likely to click on the relevant links to sites like Wikipedia, WebMD and the likes depending on what they are searching for. There is immense loyalty for these sites among internet users. You need the same thing if you wish to run a successful blog, loyalty.

When you have a dedicated audience who would check your blog consistently and would talk about your blog online and offline, your blog will be a roaring success and you would make a lot of money. But the trouble is that it is quite difficult to create a loyal audience, especially as there are millions of blogs cutting across niches. Here are four ways you can create a loyal audience for your blog as highlighted in this infographic.

1) Always Generate Quality Content.
No matter what industry you are in, what niche you are targeting and who your target audience is, the content must be of impeccable quality. Bland or shabby content with poor grammar, plagiarized content or run off the mill stuff will never build a loyal audience.

2) Always Interact With Whoever Reaches Out To You.
Whether it is a positive comment or a critique, respond to as many people as is humanly possible. This level of interaction develops a relationship between the blogger or blog and the audience. Loyalty doesn’t exist where there is no direct relationship, association or immediate benefit.

3) Generate Enough Interest.
A blog needs to stand out to generate enough interest that people will keep coming back and would become dedicated. Thus the blog needs to have writers who have great degree of authority in a given niche. The design of the blog needs to be professional, the pictures and videos should be of high quality and relevance and there should be great headlines and professional presentation of the blog. Unless a blog is considered to be a brand, the audience will not be loyal.

4) Have a Unique Voice.
Blogs can be and should be opinionated. People don’t just read blogs to get information. They want to hear what the author has to say about something and that would always be opinionated. Don’t come up with biased content but have something to say that others are not saying, or saying it in their own way. Share personal experiences, the audience must be able to connect with what is being written and there should be a consistent supply of new content to make a blog work.